RENI updated her Instagram to express her appreciation.

RENI updated her Instagram to express her appreciation for the "Haru no ichi daiji 2022" live performance this past weekend.

The photo was probably taken backstage after the end of the DAY 2 show, judging from the outfit.

In the photo is KOHEI Munemoto, who is usually the bandmaster of MCZ's backing band (Downtown Momoclo Band).

Although there was no band at this concert, it has become a standard practice for MCZ to have sing only on the KOHEI's piano playing at "Haru no ichi daiji".

A total of four songs played on the two days, "Kibou no Mukou e (means 'Beyond Hope')" and "Yuku Haru Kuru Haru (means 'Going Spring Coming Spring')," as well as the DAY 1 encore, "Seishun fu (means 'Young periods poem'')" and the DAY 2 encore, "Link Link," were sung by MCZ with his piano playing.

The gist of RENI's comment on Instagram was as follows

Thank you for 2 days.
First "Haru no ichi daiji" in 3 years.
I was really happy and glad to have held it.
It was really nice to be outdoors.
The air was delicious.
Thank you to all the people who watched the event on internet streaming.
We received a lot of smiles and power from Mononofus this year as well.
I hope to pass on the baton again next year.
I felt so happy to know that Mononofs and people in the community have given us so much love and support.
You really are amazing, Mononofu-san.
You are a bridge that connects people to people and the community to the community.
That is why I want to return the favor by doing the best we can.
I'm ready to go wherever you call me next year. We are looking forward to seeing you.
Thank you very much.

During this DAY 2, it was announced that "Haru no ichi daiji 2023" will be held on April 22 and 23, 2023.

As for the venue, they are going to solicit local towns that would like to host the event.