SHIORI appears in a commercial with her best friend

MCZ's SHIORI Tamai, the image character of the fashion brand "Rope Picnic," and actress KYOKO Yoshine appear together in a commercial.

SHIORI and KYOKO co-starred in the movie "Maku ga agaru (means 'The Curtain Rises')" and have since publicly stated in various media that they have remained close in private.

The commercial features the two wearing Rope Picnic items as they go for a drive, play on playground equipment at a park, and frolic in a balloon.

- 30-second version CM

The "Taking Each Other's Photos" section, which uses photos and videos of the two taking each other's photos with their smartphones during the filming of this video, and the "Making of" video are also available for viewing.

- "Taking pictures with each other" version CM

- Making Movie