TeddyLoid created a mashup including MCZ.

EVIL LINE RECORDS, the label within King Record to which Momoiro Clover Z belongs, has released a music video for the song "EVIL LINE RECORDS -FIGURE of EIGHT MASHUP by TeddyLoid-" created to celebrate its 8th anniversary.

In this song, music producer TeddyLoid combines songs from each of the 12 artists belonging to EVIL LINE RECORDS in a mashup arrangement into one song.


In addition to MCZ, the junior groups from the same office also included songs by Namie Joshihatsu-Kumiai and B.O.L.T.

TeddyLoid arranged "Neo STARGATE," the lead song on MCZ's second album "5TH DIMENSION," released in 2013, and has had a long relationship with MCZ since then.

This time, he is arranging "The Diamond Four".