The "Haru no ichi daiji" was successfully held.

The "Momoclo Haru no ichi daiji" in Fukushima Prefecture, which was scheduled to be held in 2020, was successfully held this weekend after overcoming two postponements due to the spread of the coronavirus.

MCZ TODAY's administrator also enjoyed the two-day live performance in Fukushima Prefecture, 800 km away. (And today I am already back at work as usual...)

We will give you more detailed information later, but first, we would like to introduce the whole live concert in a convenient way.

Natalie, a news site that always informs us of the details, has posted an article on DAY 2.

Again, I'll provide the link via automatic translation below.

As is customary for every concert, the official Twitter of KING Records has once again published the setlist as a Spotify playlist.

- Playlist for DAY 1

- Playlist for DAY 2


Kim said…
Welcome back! I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the concerts. The photos from the event look really great!
Thanks for your comments.
We will report a little more about the various things we experienced in Fukushima (some of which are a little off the topic of MCZ).
We spent two days with a total of 17,000 Mononofs, and both days were great!!