An Olympian speaks passionately about mononofus.

Riku Arai, a member of Japan's national water polo team and a mainstay of the team that has competed in two consecutive Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo, has long been known as a Mononofu.

He has already performed with KANAKO on a TV program.

He tells in his blog about an episode in which he went to a performance of the "Shukuten" Tour at Nippon Budokan last weekend.

The automatic translation function does not work well on this "note" website, so we would like to quote from some part of it, although it is somewhat long.

It is full of his respect and love not only for MCZ members but also for Mononofu.

We, too, would like to support him on water polo.


I had kind of been having the worst day of my life, having given up on going to "Shukuten" concert because I had missed the lottery for a fan club slot and had some practice.

Then, I received a message from someone on Twitter. It was from a Momoclo fan (a.k.a. Mononofu).

He was supposed to go with his sister, but she can't make it, so if you don't have tickets, would you like to go with me?

A kind person who invites a stranger like me.

I was not even sure if I could go to that concert because I had to practice.

If my schedule is good, please let me join you. I contacted him back.

A week or two later, about a week before the event, I was hopeful that I might be able to attend the show.

However, I told him that I would have him to wait until the last minute, so if there were still tickets left by then, I would be happy to do so.

Then, three days ago, I decided that I could go, and when I contacted him again, he still had a ticket for me.

I felt again the kindness and warmth of Mononofu-san.

I wondered why Mononofs' hearts are so beautiful, and perhaps it is because of MCZ they support.

To confirm this once again, I headed to the Budokan.


Once again, it was a day that made me realize how wonderful Mononofu is. And of course, so did the person who invited me. When we arrived at the station, it was a colorful scene. Of course, no one doing anything like an annoying act.

No one calls or shouts from start to finish. Self-introductions, overtures, and voices are the best part of a Momoclo live performance. Only clapping hands and hearts.

I haven't seen many other sites, so I can't generalize, but I think it's an unusual occurrence. Maybe Mononofu thinks this is the norm.

It is clearly their influence that makes Mononofus so. As a fan of these girls, I can feel their pride and support. Perhaps this is what a real entertainer should be like, changing even the fans.