[Haruichi Report 3] "Link Link" links..

After many gigs over the years, MCZ has a few sayings that have become a kind of lore.

One of them is that AYAKA brings the rain.

In a past spring event, there was an incident where it rained only during the time when the song "Link Link" featuring AYAKA was performed.

And this time, the weather for DAY 2 was delicate from the start of the show.

The show started with the weather just barely on the edge of rain or no rain.

And the members knew it. 

"Link Link" was scheduled to be the 20th song at the end of the setlist.

As it turned out, it rained a little in the middle of the show, but not enough to soak the audience.

After "Link Link," the weather gradually improved, and Mononofus was able to return home safely.