KANAKO and SHIORI bought a "fire pit".

Yesterday, Sunday, 5/29, MCZ performed a live concert of the "Shukuten Tour" in Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture.

In Osaka Prefecture, MCZ had already performed at a large venue called Festival Hall on 5/13, but this time the concert was held in accordance with a request from Moriguchi City, the local government.

The Festival Hall has a capacity of approximately 2,700 people, but this time the venue was smaller, with a capacity of 400.

Outside the venue, many products made in collaboration with local businesses and MCZ were sold, and some souvenirs were sold out.

So as usual, the mononofuf contributed to the revitalization of the community.

During the MC during the live, KANAKO and SHIORI told that they each bought one of the collaboration products, a "fire pit," with their own money because they thought it was so cool.

Although it is a metalwork manufactured at a factory "Shinsei-kinzoku Seisaku-sho" in Moriguchi City, the price tag is "12,000 yen" for the smallest size, 

It seems that MCZ members also contributed to the community.

Mononofus have been tweeting about this product.