MCZ was featured in a well-established music magazine.

MCZ's overall director for major live performances, Atsunori Sasaki (called "Atsunorin" by Mononofus), updated his Twitter page to announce that MCZ was featured in the magazine.

The magazine is a very old music magazine called "MUSIC MAGAZINE," first published in 1969.

Atsunorin was surprised that MCZ was featured in "Magazines like John Scofield and Norah Jones are featured in them."

Looking at the back issues, there are no features on idol pop music, except for perfume in October 2020 and baby metal in April 2016.

However, MCZ was featured on the cover three years ago, in July 2019, when their last album "Momoiro clover Z" was released.

And before that, it was still featured in March 2016, when its previous album was released.

MCZ also seems to be receiving attention for its high level of musicality.