One of the new songs has been chosen as the theme song for the drama, and a music video has been released.

The music video for the new song "Nanto naku saitei na hibi (means 'Somewhat Worst Days')," which is included in track 11 of MCZ's latest album "Shukuten," has been released on their official Youtube channel.

It was also announced that the song will be the theme song for the drama "Boku no Daisuki na Tsuma! (means 'My wife, whom I love.')" which will start airing next month.

The song was written, composed, and arranged by "Mom" (Akihiko Karibe's solo project).

The song is a heartwarming electro-pop number that depicts a person who is trying to hold on to hope and light in the midst of the lousy everyday life that passes by without a trace.

The producer of the show made the following comment on why they chose this song as the theme song for the drama "Boku no Daisuki na Tsuma!"

This drama deals with the theme of developmental disabilities, but the story as a whole is about the everyday "difficulties of living" that are common to all people.

When I heard this song, I felt that it affirmed the "difficulties in life" that I myself somehow feel on a daily basis.

Every day is not the best day, and even if it is not a good day, we should accept it and live with it.

I chose this song as the theme song because I thought it would embrace not only the characters but also everyone watching the drama.

I hope that through the song, viewers will feel that this drama is not a story about a special world, but an "ordinary" story that is connected to the ordinary life we live.

The drama will be aired every Saturday from June 4 to July 23 at 23:40 for a total of 8 episodes.