The newspapers reported, "Fear not, the Momoclo effect.”

Last Saturday, MCZ performed a live concert for their "Shukuten Tour" in a small town called Kami in Hyogo Prefecture.

Although Hyogo Prefecture has major cities such as Kobe and Himeji facing the Seto Inland Sea, its northernmost side faces the Sea of Japan and is dotted with local towns with low population density and a series of farming and fishing villages.

Kami Town has a population of about 18,000, but the live concert was held at a venue with a capacity of about 700 people.

The local newspaper, "Nihonkai Shinbun," published an article about the event.
The title of the article was titled "Fear not, the Momoclo effect.”

As usual, a link to the automatic translation is provided below.
We think you can grasp the effect the Mononofus are having on this small town.