Today is a day of "celebration".

Today, May 17, is the anniversary of Momoiro Clover Z's formation.

It has been 14 years since the group was formed, and today marks the 15th year.

This year, the 6th full album "Shukuten (means 'Celebration Ceremony')'" was released just in time for the anniversary of the group's formation.

The album is now available on various subscription services at the same time as the release of the disc.

Here is the link to spotify, so please try it and see if you can listen to it.

KAWAKAMI producer also updated his Twitter page today with a "commemorative photo" from the "Shukuten" tour performance at the Nippon Budokan on Sunday, the day before last.

The photo shoot took place during the time between the main concert and the encore (called "Celebration Party" in the program this time).

Two photos were taken.

The first was an "orange only" shot using the "Shukuten Psyllium," an official merchandise item sold only for this concert.

The second photo shows the usual "four colors," with each Mononofu lighting up the color of their Oshi (favorite) member.

This time, the producer KAWAKAMI showed the first of these, the rare "orange" Budokan.

-- As an aside, I and my daughter are also lighting two small orange lights somewhere.