A large-scale summer live concert was announced.

The details of MCZ's annual summer large-scale live concert "Natsu-no BakaーSawagi", which was announced to be held on July 30 (Sat.) and 31 (Sun.) at Belluna Dome (Seibu Dome), have been announced.


The name of the show is supposed to be "Momoclo Natsu-no Baka-Sawagi 2022 - MOMO FEST -".

Although titled a "FEST (=festival)," it is announced that the only performers will be MCZ and the DMB (Downtown Momoclo Band) (=MCZ's backing band).

Another difference from previous years is the announced ticket prices.

MCZ's live shows have generally adopted a system of same fixed prices for any seat (the seating position is not known until the ticket is issued on the day of the show).

This time, however, for the first time at a large-scale concert, there was a large price difference between seats. (And the inexpensive seats are... none!)

TDF seats, which guarantee seats within the first 30 rows of the arena, cost 20,000 yen per seat, while arena seats in the 31st row and beyond cost 13,000 yen. Reserved seats in the stands are 9,500 yen.

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