AYAKA ate 6 pieces of KaraAge.

As previously reported, friday night, from the moment of her 26th birthday, AYAKA did a live broadcast on the Youtube site. (No archive was left).

From there, for about two hours, she planned to watch the video of AYAKANATION 2019 with her fans.

AYAKA was always in the corner of the screen, but she seemed to have eaten a lot of commemorative food.

It was reported that the 26 pieces of KaraAge (Japanese fried chicken) presented to her in celebration of her 26th birthday were down to only 20 left by the end of the program.


A hashtag was set up to commemorate the event, and many mononofus tweeted their comments. 



Later in the day, AYAKA updated her Instagram to show a table commemorating her birthday.

Shown to the right of the cake are 26 pieces of KARAAGEs.