AYAKA brought another downpour.

The Namie Joshi Hatsu Kumiai (aka. 'JA-NAMIE'), led by AYAKA of MCZ, held its "8th Regular Convention" yesterday in Namie Town, Fukushima Prefecture.

Until now, the event had been held at the parking lot of the Namie Town Hall and so on, but this time, for the first time, it was held on the bank of the Ukedo River on the north side of "Michi no Eki (means 'roadside station') Namie".

When the members visited Fukushima Prefecture for MCZ's "Haru no ichi daiji," at spring ,this was the place where they saw the fireworks display at night.

This time, however, the concert had to be shortened and ended.

After the show began, a downpour of rain fell.

AYAKA had been labeled as a "Woman who brings rain," but this label was supposed to be lifted when she sang "LinkLink" at her spring concert this year and it did not rain.

However, at yesterday's live concert, AYAKA's status as "Rain bringer" seems to have been confirmed once again.

Incidentally, the rain stopped after the concert.

The producer of KAWAKAMI tweeted movie about the difficult situation at that time.

When leading fans to a space to "see them off," he said, "Talent don't need umbrellas! Because the guests are getting wet now." that KAWAKAMI is shouting so is impressive.