Chai Maxx wrestler announces retirement.

Keiji Muto, 59, a longtime legend who supported Japan's golden era of professional wrestling in the 1990s, has announced his retirement.

Keiji Muto is the wrestler who became the model for "Chai Maxx," one of MCZ's most popular songs (during the "Momoiro Clover" era, before the "Z" was added).

The main pose in the song, with both hands and knees spread, is the famous "pro wrestling love pose" of Keiji Muto.

Muto has a long history of knee injuries and has already undergone surgery to have artificial joints in both knees.

At a show this past weekend at the Saitama Super Arena, he made the following comments.

I once said, 'Wrestling is a marathon without a goal,' but I have decided to finish. I will retire by next spring. I plan to do a few more matches."

MCZ's connection with Muto is old.

On April 10, 2011, Muto performed at the famous live "4.10 Nakano Sunplaza Tournament Momoclo Haru-no ichidai-ji (means 'One Big Spring Event')" where AKARI graduated and performed Chai Maxx together.

This was followed by a talk event on April 14, 2011, at which Muto performed and Momoclo was taught that the shape of the fingers in "Pro Wrestling LOVE" represents a "wolf" and the movement of the hands represents "a kiss between a wolf and a wolf.

That fall, as a thank you to Keiji Mutoh, Momoclo appeared in the ring of All Japan Pro Wrestling and performed Chai Maxx, inside the ring.

They have performed together many times since then, and Muto also appeared at Momoclo Mania, which took place at Seibu Dome in 2019.