KANAKO's Drama Begins.

The TV drama "Boku no Daisuki na Tsuma! (means 'My wife, whom I love.')" starring KANAKO will start airing tomorrow, June 4, on the national network of Fuji Television Network. There will be a total of eight episodes.

A trailer of the first episode is available on the official Youtube channel of Tokai TV, the producer of the drama.

The gist of the drama as listed in the summary section of the trailer is as follows

We are looking forward to KANAKO's performance.

Newlyweds CHIKA and SATORU were smiling every day as they cared for each other.
Then, SATORU begins to feel a little strange.
- Don't you remember your promise? 
- Finding an egg in a towel in the bathroom? 
- Conversations quickly flying off the tongue?
Furthermore, CHIKA was fired from her job.
"I think I might have a developmental disorder."
What if one day you find out that someone you love has a "disability"?
This is a gem of a love story in which unique characters weave together to search for "a form of happiness.


Kim said…
Really excited to watch this!
Japanese TV dramas are available on demand for one week after broadcast on the Tver website (tver.jp).
However, viewing from overseas is restricted, so please check for a VPN service that can connect to Japan.
Recently, ProtonVPN's free version seems to be very popular, but I have never used it, so I don't know the details...
Kim said…
I've been watching Japanese dramas for a few years... I became a Momoclo fan after seeing Kanako in Beppin-san!