negicco also congratulates SHIORI's birthday.

Megu, a member of "negicco," a three-member idol group active mainly in Niigata Prefecture, posted the following tweet in connection with SHIORI's birthday.

I've left a comment on SHIORI's Instagram saying "Thank you for being born."

negicco and MCZ performed together in "Momoiro Folk-mura", which aired from Zepp DiverCity TOKYO in 2017.

Of the three, Megu in particular is an avowed fan of MCZ and often tweets about them.

negicco, formed in 2003, will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, and is one of the few idol groups that is older than MCZ and active now.

All three are already married, and 'Nao' gave birth to her first child this month. 'Kaede' is also pregnant.

They have publicly stated that they will continue their idol activities after becoming wives and mothers.

MCZ's Shiori has said this comment in the past, and Megu has thanked her, 

We have always said that we would continue our activities as Momoclo even after marriage, and negicco has been our guiding light!


-Nao posted this photo after giving birth. (Was he born with a psyllium?)

-negicco's Newest song.(2020 released)