SKE48's deputy leader appeared on stage of MCZ.

The MC portion of MCZ's "Shukuten Tour" performance held last Sunday in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, is now available on Youtube.

On stage were the mayor of Sano City, Sano City's character "Sano-maru," and Nao Fukushi of SKE48, who is the "Brand Princess" of Sano City.

They and MCZ had a nice talk and promoted Sano's specialties, Sano Ramen and Imo-fry (fried potatoes).

Nao Fukushi, who is the deputy leader of Team E in SKE48, says she is a Mononofu and was very pleased to be on stage with MCZ.

She actually applied for tickets to the Sano concert as a "local citizen" frame but was not selected in the lottery.

She was subsequently asked to play a PR role and was able to enjoy the concert in the reserved seats for concerned.

She also posted a commemorative photo on her Instagram page.