The tour reaches its final stage today.

MCZ's "Shukuten Tour," which started in May, will reach its 17th and final performance today.

The venue is "Tokyo Musashino no Mori Sogo Sports Plaza" (Chofu City, Tokyo), where MCZ will perform for the first time.

And the venue is an indoor facility adjacent to Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo Stadium), where MCZ performed a large-scale summer concert in 2017.

Today's concert will be the only one on this tour to be streamed online (for a fee). (starting at 18:00 Japan time).

According to the description on AbemaTV's PPV website, "This performance is being sold separately from the domestic structure for the international market too.

Since no further details are provided on the Q&A site, etc., those who wish to view the show should check the details on the AbemaTV site (viewed from overseas). 

The international distribution site seems to be here.