Zero term members performed with MCZ.

There are multiple schools of thought regarding the formation of Momoiro Clover (before the "Z" was added).

Officially, the "date of formation" is considered to be when the group was unveiled at an event held at Kawasaki Azalea on May 17, 2008.

The six members at that time were Reni Takagi, Shiori Tamai, Kanako Momota, Manami Ikura, Tsukina Takai, and Miyu Wagawa.

However, there was an earlier timing, in October 2007, when Stardust Promotion launched a project to create a full-fledged idol group.

At that time, five members, Manami Ikura, Tsukina Takai, Reni Takagi, Runa Yumikawa, and Miyu Wagawa, were selected from the "Entertainment Department 3," and their pictures were taken and posted on the web. (At this point, however, they have not appeared at any events.)

Some consider these five to be the "real initial members.

This week, Manami Ikura, one of the "initial members," appeared on "Momoiro Folk-Mura NEXT," a music program hosted by SHIORI.

MANAMI sang "Momoiro Punch" together with RENI, a comrade of the initial members.

She posted on Instagram how she was with the MCZ members who performed again after more than 10 years.


MANAMI was a member of Momoiro Clover until December 29, 2008.

After that, she was active in an idol group named "Creamy Parfait," but left Stardust Promotion in June 2010.

She then joined the major Ota Productions, but left in 2019 and is now a freelance singer.

On April 15, 2020, she released her first solo CD album "ORGANIC" (Organic) for distribution. (Spotify link below so that you can listen to her singing.)

There is a secret story behind the song "Momoiro Punch" performed on this show.

It was Momoiro Clover's indies debut song, but at the time of recording this song, MANAMI had not yet decided to graduate.

Therefore, the voice of MANAMI Ikura is included in the singing voice of this single song. (Manami is not pictured in the jacket photo)