AYAKA has developed the world's first goods.

Official merchandise information for AYAKA Sasaki's solo concert "AYAKA NATION 2022 in TOKYO GARDEN THEATER" to be held on July 18 (Mon., holiday) at the Tokyo Garden Theater has been announced.

The MAILIVIS website (see below) has announced the start of advance mail order.


Among these, the "Uchiwa (Japanese round fan)" titled "A-rin-mite-mite-uchiwa" has been talked about as a groundbreaking invention.

In the Japanese idol scene, it is customary to wave "Uchiwa" at the members you are cheering for. (Not many MCZ-related goods seem to have this in common so far.)

The uchiwa developed by AYAKA this time has a white board on the back.

Fans can write their messages to AYAKA on the fan with a pen and show it to AYAKA during the concert.

It has been talked about as the first such goods in the world.

It will be interesting to see how this live performance goes.