Former Prime Minister who had close ties to MCZ has died.

As reported around the world, former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died today after being shot while campaigning.

MCZ was the idol group that had the closest relationship with PM Abe.

There was an event called "Cherry Blossom Viewing Party" that Prime Minister Abe hosted. (The event was later criticized by the public for using taxpayer funds.)

MCZ was invited to this event in 2013 at the recommendation of Isao Iijima  who was a Cabinet Counselor. Because his grandson was "mononofu".

The photo MCZ with Prime Minister Abe at the event was reported in many media and became a hot topic of conversation.

Although the viewing event ended due to the aforementioned public opposition, MCZ had been invited to this event five times before and had become a regular participant.


This past spring, MCZ organized a fireworks viewing event with Mononofus at the after-event of "Haru no Ichi daiji" Live in Fukushima Prefecture.

The event was named "Night Cherry Blossom Viewing Party."