IDOL group that respects MCZ very much will participate in summer events

MCZ's big summer concert "MOMOFEST 2022" to be held on 7/30 and 7/31 at Belluna Dome will feature the customary "outer stage," which will be open to the public for free before the show starts.

This year's stage will be called "MOCK IN JAPAN 2022," and the first batch of performers was announced yesterday during RENI's Youtube broadcast.

Among the performers was "Seiza Hyakkei Great," a first-time entrant to the festival.

The girls originally performed under the name "Seiza Hyakkei," but changed their name to "Seiza Hyakkei Great" at the time of this announcement.

Although the group belongs to an office unrelated to MCZ's office, they have long been a group that has strongly publicized their respect for MCZ.

Last year, they officially covered and released "Tsuyoku Tsuyoku," which MCZ had also covered.