Impressed by the care taken by the organizers of the concert.

My daughter and I had tickets to MCZ's first big summer concert in three years at Belluna Dome, and we were scheduled to leave tomorrow.

However, yesterday, my wife developed a fever, and the PCR test results was positive for corona.

My daughter and I were also designated as persons with concentrated contact, and according to the live concert rules set by MCZ, we were not allowed to attend.

The tickets we purchased were 26,000 yen for two arena seats.

We were wondering if we had no choice but to give up, when we found the following description on the official website.

"If you experience any of the symptoms or conditions listed below before coming to the concert, please contact the promoter (H.I.P.) and refrain from coming to the concert."

I called the promoter this morning just to be sure, since it said "contact the promoter" rather than simply "refrain from visiting."

After answering about the situation of the infected family member, she (H.I.P.) was told that a refund would be issued after the performance was over.

In addition, we received warm words of encouragement, "Please take good care of yourself.

We were feeling depressed, but we felt very relieved.

There are many music festivals and live concerts being held in Japan this summer, but we suspect that few organizers will follow this kind of procedure.

On Sunday, there will be a PPV on AbemaTV, so we will charge the refunded amount and watch it at home.