MCZ's classic winter songs are now available.

The LIVE Blu-ray & DVD of the massive winter live "Momoiro Christmas 2021 - Saitama Super Arena Tournament" held last December will be released on August 24.

As part of the campaign, a live video of "Shiroi Kaze (means 'White Wind')" performed on Day 1 has been released.

"Shiroi Kaze" is a single song that was sold only at MCZ's one-man live "Momoiro Christmas 2011 Saitama Super Arena Tournament" held at the same "Saitama Super Arena" in 2011.

Since then, it has been performed as a staple at their winter live shows.

After being included in the winter song album "MCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION" released in 2016, the self-remake album "ZZ'sII" was released in May 2021, and the current four-person version of "Shiroi Kaze -ZZ ver".

The scene at the end of the song, in the modulation part known as "ochisabi," when RENI sings like speaking softly to the audience as follows, is one of the most exciting moments in a winter live performance.

I hope I can go as far into the future as possible with the courage that I started running on the asphalt.
I embrace that I was able to meet you, and I believe myself, and all of these things.