MC"Z"'s father announced his illness.

Ichiro Mizuki, 74, a well-known legend of Japanese anime song singers, announced today on his official website that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer with lymph node and brain metastasis.

He underwent surgery in June and is currently doing well.

According to his agency, he has a schedule of live performances and events from the summer onward, and plans for the 50th anniversary of his anime song debut are also underway, and he is undergoing rehabilitation so that he can continue his singing career.

On April 10, 2011, 'Momoiro Clover' held a graduation concert for AKARI Hayami at Nakano Sunplaza, and at the end of the performance, the group's name change was suddenly announced.

When the words 'Momoiro Clover "Z"' appeared on the screen at the venue, it was Ichiro Mizuki' voice that shouted "Ze-------t".

It was also Ichiro Mizuki who shouted "Ze---t" during the song "Z Densetsu ~Endless Revolution", the first single as 'Momoiro Clover "Z"' that was released later.

He sang the theme song for a robot anime called "Mazinger Z" that had been broadcast on TV since 1972, and the "Z" in MCZ seems to be related to this.

The link is to an online article about the April 16, 2011 talk event "Momoclo Z: Trial of Seven," which took place shortly after the name change; it is the scene of MCZ's first joint performance with Ichiro Mizuki.