One of MCZ's Backing Band Became COVID-19 Positive.

Trombone player KANADE SHISHIUCHI, who was scheduled to perform at MCZ's big summer concert "Momoclo Summer Bakasawagi 2022 -MOMOFEST-" this weekend, has been cancelled due to a positive PCR test for COVID-19.

This has been announced on Twitter and other media by KAWAKAMI producers.

This time, the official T-shirt was created as "MOMOFEST All Lineup T-shirt" and featured portraits of all the members of DMB (Downtown Momo Kuro Band).

Therefore, an announcement was also announced that KANADE's illustration would be sold in the same form as it was displayed.

It should be noted that the infection was detected in tests conducted prior to the joint rehearsal with MCZ members, so it appears that no infection risk has been incurred by MCZ members at this point in time.

We hope that the event will be held safely.