RENI will be a guest on a rival team's baseball game.

The official Twitter page of Nippon Broadcasting System's professional baseball (NPB) radio broadcast program "Show Up Nighter" has announced that RENI of MCZ will make a guest appearance.

RENI will appear in a game hosted by the DeNA BayStars at Yokohama Stadium on July 16. Their opponent will be the Yakult Swallows, who have been dominant this year.

However, for the past two years, RENI has been enthusiastically rooting for the Hanshin Tigers, a rival team in the same league as DeNA and Yakult.

Perhaps RENI was invited to be a guest because of its proximity to Yokohama Stadium. (Though I bet she would have preferred the DeNA-Tigers game, then.)

In the NPB Central League, Yakult is currently in first place with a commanding lead, while DeNA is nearly with the Tigers for fourth and fifth place, with the Tigers in fourth place by a half game of today.

It will be very interesting to see what RENI has to say about this situation.