Summer live concert to be broadcast via PPV.

It has been announced that MCZ's large-scale summer live "MOMOFEST," which will be held at the end of this month at Belluna Dome, will be broadcast on PPV via Internet distribution.

The event to be broadcast is "Momoclo Natsuno Bakasawagi 2022 -MOMOFEST- <DAY2 Performance>" on July 31 (Sun.), DAY2.

It was announced that it will be distributed via PPV on ABEMA TV, and it is officially stated that it will be available for international viewing.

(Please refer to the English explanation at the bottom of this page)

Also, it is said that there will be no archive left immediately after the broadcast, but the "complete version" will be available for missed broadcasts for about 2 weeks at a later date.

The full version will be available to all those who have purchased the original broadcast too.