The event will be streamed live on TikTok tomorrow night.

To commemorate Momoclo's annual summer live concert at the end of this month with audiences, the first time in three years, an online event titled "Just before the event special" has been announced.

Starting at 20:00 (Japan time) on Thursday, July 21, KANAKO, SHIORI, and AYAKA will perform a "TikTok LIVE just before the event".

The broadcast will take place on RENI's TikTok account, but to our surprise, the owner of the account, RENI, will not be present due to work reasons.

(Here is the address)

It is supposed to be an event to watch selected videos from the summer live shows of 2018 and 2019 with KANAKO, SHIORI, and AYAKA.

It has been announced that no archives will remain.

The broadcast will last approximately 45 minutes.

Please note the time difference from Japan time. Do not miss it.