AYAKA will perform with AKB48.

It has been announced that AYAKA of MCZ will perform on the first day of the large-scale idol festival "@JAM EXPO 2022" to be held at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa, Japan from August 26 to 28.

It had already been announced that AYAKA would perform on the final day of the festival, the 28th.

Now it has been decided that she will also appear at the "Special Day" performance on the 26th.

On this day, the selected groups of "@JAM EXPO" and AKB48 group will cover songs and collaborate with each other.

AYAKA will also collaborate with AKB48 to perform "Nemo hamo Rumor," which is said to be the most difficult dance performance in AKB48 history.

AYAKA covered this song with the junior members of Stardust Planets at "Momoiro Uta Gassen" late last year, and their intense dance performance was well received.

This time, she will be performing with the original AKB48. We're looking forward to it.