JA-NAMIE will challenge the festival with a three-person team.

JA-NAMIE, of which AYAKA is the PPP (Pink Playing Producer), was scheduled to perform at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022 this weekend.

However, according to their official twitter, two of the members, Hana Kojima and Kana Harima, were confirmed to have tested positive for PCR.

Hana Kojima had performed on stage as a member of AMEFURASSHI as a prelude to MCZ's live performance last weekend.

Therefore, it seems that other members of AMEFURASSHI have also decided not to perform.

As a result, only AYAKA, Runa Naito, and Chiho Takai will be participating at this time.

The situation means that only three members will have to perform in the eight-member formation, but we wish them the best.