MCZ's stage at ROCK IN JAPAN 2019 has been released.

As previously reported, MCZ's official website has been showing videos of their summer shows for four consecutive days.

Today is the last day of that series, and a performance of ROCK IN JAPAN 2019's "Hashire!" performance was released.

The overwhelming wave of audience is very much worth seeing.

Now, ROCK IN JAPAN is also scheduled to be held this year after three years.

The five-day event is scheduled to be held at the Soga Sports Park in Chiba City.

Among the participating artists, the COVID-19 infection has already spread, and ORANGE RANGE, BiSH, Gesu no Kiwami-Otome, and others have cancelled their performances. 

MCZ is scheduled to headline the GRASS STAGE on August 6, starting at 10:30.