Salmon bags sold out.

The merchandise sold by MCZ at this year's spring concert, known as the "Salmon Bag," was modeled after the famous product of Fukushima Prefecture, where the event was held.

However, the design was so bizarre that it not sold at all.

During the encore of DAY2, RENI stood on stage wearing it and tried to promote it, but it still seemed not to sell out.

Last week, MCZ put the unsold bags on display at the sales booth of the "ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2022," a music festival in which MCZ performed, and fans of Kanjani Eight (fans are called "eighter"), who will perform on August 13, noticed the product and suddenly the bags began selling in large quantities.

Since Ryuhei Maruyama, a member of Kanjani, has been making "salmon" related jokes for many years, the product became popular among Ryuhei's fans as the perfect merchandise for them.

As a result, MCZ's mail order site was flooded with orders for the bag, and it finally sold out.

KANAKO noticed this situation and commented on her own Insta-story about thanks.

The following are some of the tweets from the eitghter who purchased the goods.