There were empty seats at the summer concert.

Producer KAWAKAMI announces the actual number of audience members at every MCZ concert.

For this summer concert as well, he announced it on Twitter.

According to this, there were 21,347 people for DAY 1 and 20,984 people for DAY 2.

Seibu Dome has a capacity that can generally attract in the 30,000 person range.

This time, after all, COVID-19, which has the highest number of patients in the world, was probably a factor.

For example, there must have been a considerable number of Mononofus who, like us, had been in close contact with the virus the week before and had to postpone their participation in the event.

We hope to see a packed Saitama Super Arena at the winter concerts (announced for 12/24 and 12/25).