A detailed report on Kishidan Expo was published.

A detailed report article on DAY2 of the music festival "Kishidan Expo," which MCZ performed at on September 18, was posted on the media site "Natalie."

As usual, a link via Google machine translation is provided below.


This past weekend, a typhoon approached and landed in Japan. The weather was bad even in Chiba Prefecture, which is quite far away from the typhoon.

The weather was especially bad during MCZ's performance time, and the three members (RENI was absent due to illness) performed soaking wet in the torrential rain.

The headline of the article was about HYDE (vocalist of L'Arc-en-Ciel and VAMPS) performing a cover of 'COCO NUTS' of MCZ.

The rock version of the arrangement was apparently wonderful.

We look forward to the broadcast of the event on WOWOW (BS broadcasting) at a later date.