AKARI's dance will be aired.

It was announced that a special project will be held on the TV program of "Snow Man," a popular male idol group from the Johnny's Office, and that a dance competition showdown will be held.

There will be three teams, each consisting of nine members: the Snow Man team, a Entertainers' team, and a dance team from a strong high school.

The trailer has been released and AKARI Hayami, a former member of Momoiro Clover, is the center of the "Entertainers' Team" and shows off her intense dance moves.

The full episode will air next Tuesday on TBS.

To the left of AKARI is former AKB48 member MINAMI Minegishi.

The two talked for an hour on a radio program that aired recently.

To our surprise, AKARI and MINAMI had been friends for a long time. (AKARI's husband and MINAMI had known each other for some time.)

In the program, MINAMI mentioned that she was very impressed by AKARI's dedication in a program (presumably this dance) in which she and AKARI performed together.

We look forward to AKARI's first non-actress performance in a while.