KANAKO's song will appear on "Minna no Uta".

KANAKO is featured in "Min-na no Uta (means 'Songs for Everyone')," a music program on NHK, Japan's public broadcaster, as one of the songs scheduled for broadcast in October and November.

"Min-na no Uta" is a five-minute music program broadcast on various NHK TV and radio channels (including overseas broadcasts) at various times.

Broadcasting began in 1961, and has a history of more than 60 years.

The song that KANAKO will sing this time is titled "Akai Fusen (means 'Red Balloon')" and was composed by Mion Okada (who has been the voice trainer of MCZ for a long time and is called "Mi-on" by Mononofus).

In recent years, Min-na no Uta's music has been distributed on the Internet, and should be available at the following URL (during October-November).