Legendary drummer to support MCZ.

Drummer EIJI KIKUCHI (a.k.a. ANNIE) of the legendary Japanese rock band 'THE YELLOW MONKEY' will appear at two festivals as the support drummer for MCZ's backing band, the 'Downtown Momoclo Band'.

MCZ will perform this weekend at "Inazuma Rock Fest 2022" in Shiga Prefecture on Saturday, September 17 and "Kishidan Expo 2022" in Chiba Prefecture on Sunday, September 18.

It appears that ANNIE will be the drummer for MCZ on these two days.

It should be noted that ANNIE has played the drums for MCZ on a TV music program in 2013. It has been about 10 years since then.

However, a typhoon is forecasted to hit around Japan this weekend, and we hope that the two festivals will be held safely.