MCZ's new TV program is now available on Youtube.

A new program "Momoiro Infra-- Z," which started today on TOKYO MX TV, is now available on the official Youtube site of TOKYO MX TV.

You can watch the entire one-hour program.

In this program, MCZ members learn about so-called "infrastructure" such as roads and rivers, which are indispensable as the foundation of life and industry, from the lectures of university professors. (This seems to be a more serious style than any of the previous programs...)



Kim said…
One thing that amazes me about MCZ is how often they seem to appear on all kinds of tv shows. They must have such hectic lives... it's completely understandable why Momoko decided to quit.
I feel like they've been running at the top of the stage for a long time.
Sometime, I would like them to take a long vacation and refresh themselves.