RENI added to the "Orange Note.."

Yesterday, 9/11, In Japan, it was Memorial Day, 11 and a half years since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

NHK radio broadcast a special program titled "What were you doing that day?" from Sendai Broadcasting Station to the whole country, with RENI of MCZ as a guest.

MCZ visited Onagawa Saigai FM, a temporary disaster response FM radio station that was established in Onagawa Town, Miyagi Prefecture, in May 2013.

MCZ members saw a TV program reporting on the activities of high school student announcers at the station and came to meet them.

Since then, MCZ members have frequently visited Onagawa, not as "goodwill ambassadors" or "honorary residents" but as "friends of the town," and have been monitoring the recovery.

The temporary FM radio station closed in 2016, but the "Orange Notebook" that was set up there has been relocated to the town's souvenir shop, "Aga-in Station", where many Mononofus left messages.

It was reported that RENI looked through this notebook, read the messages, and wrote her own comments on it, triggered by the broadcast of this special program.

The lady pictured with RENI in the tweet is KOKORO Abe, one of the high school students who inspired MCZ to visit. (Many Mononofus know her.)

She is now a fully grown, and this time RENI asked her to have a drink with her...