RENI will be absent from today's music festival too.

Yesterday, RENI announced on MCZ'S official website that it would not be attending the Inazuma Rock Festival due to "acute pharyngolaryngitis."

Today, after a detailed examination at a medical institution, the name of the disease has been changed to "exfoliative esophagitis".

It was also announced that he will not be attending the "Kishidan Expo 2022" music event scheduled for tonight at Sodegaura Seaside Park in Chiba.

The three members will continue to perform as they did the day before.

It may take some time. We hope she will recuperate slowly and get better. 


Kim said…
Having seen photos of MCZ performing as a trio, I am curious to know how the fans in Japan feel about this situation.
According to this Natalie article, it looks like the concert was held with RENI's outfit displayed with the band set.