A web article on KANAKO's brother's recent activities was posted

An article about KANAKO's younger brother was posted in News Post Seven (web version).

The article was included in the introduction of Mei Nagano, an actress who is currently active in the same Stardust Promotion as MCZ.

One person involved in the entertainment industry commented as follows.

"Actually, Ms. Nagano's manager is the younger brother of KANAKO Momota, the ace of the idol group Momoiro Clover Z. 

He is still young, in his early twenties, but actually has a long career and is very good at his job."

KANAKO's younger brother made a TV appearance on a variety show broadcast in 2014, when MCZ was a guest on the show and he was in the second year of junior high school at the time.

At that time, KANAKO stated that he had always been taken care of by her manager, and that he had longed to work behind the scenes.

The article stated positively that he was also contributing to Mei's success. 


Anonymous said…
Very interesting! I wonder which variety show in 2014 it was. Would love to see it :D
I looked into the details and found that it was on NTV's "Merengue no Kimochi" that aired on May 10, 2014.
However, it seems that KANAKO's younger brother did not appear on screen, but rather in the form of his survey text in response to staff questions.