JA-NAMIE Celebrates Third Anniversary with Big Campaign.

Namie Joshi Hatsukumiai (JA-NAMIE), for which AYAKA of MCZ is the Pink Playing Producer, will celebrate its third anniversary on November 24.

To commemorate the anniversary, three "3rd anniversary commemorative projects" will be held.

  • The first is a "Union member (JA-NAMIE's fans) goods dressing championship."

The first is the "Union members' Goods Dress-up Championship," in which participants will send in images of themselves dressed in goods sold in the store in response to a predetermined theme, such as "date at an amusement park" or "formal dress," and the winning entry will be announced.

  • The second is the "Postcard Question".

The members will answer the postcard questions submitted by fans in a live broadcast program to be held on 11/13. In some cases, they will even call you directly.

  • Third, "Limited Time Sale"

Official goods are on sale at a 30% discount.

These are the three points above.

It would be nice if MCZ's main body could also have such an anniversary project.