KANAKO is an Apple freak beyond expectations.

As previously reported, the latest issue of "macfan," a monthly magazine dedicated to Apple devices, was released today in Japan.

KANAKO of MCZ was on the cover, and a four-page article with an interview at the end of the issue.

The second half of the article was an interview about the latest "Black Panther" movie in which KANAKO is the voice actor for the Japanese version, but the first half of the article was, as expected, about Apple devices owned by KANAKO.

The following is a list of what we learned about KANAKO's "Apple freakishness" this time.

  • KANAKO owns an iPhone12 PRO MAX, Airpods Pro, MacBook Air, and iPad.
  • KANAKO has a lot of products because any one of her family members loves APPLE so much that he says, "I want to work for APPLE."
  • KANAKO really want to buy a new iphone every year, but it's hard to find the right time due to work commitments. Her family seems to have gotten the latest iphone.
  • KANAKO use her iphone more for watching movies and dramas, and her ipad for watching movies she want to see on the big screen or when she travel long distances.
  • KANAKO also use her MacBook Air for photo-related and work-related tasks, but she use it less frequently now that she can do more things on her iPad.
  • In addition, KANAKO use Apple Music a lot as a service.