KANAKO will talk about APPLE devices.

KANAKO of MCZ will be featured on the cover of "Mac Fan," which be released on October 28.

"Mac Fan" is currently the only monthly magazine about Apple devices published in Japan.

The model who appears on the cover is usually featured in an interview at the beginning of the magazine, most of which is about the model's own Apple device, such as iPhone or Mac, iPad..

(On rare occasions, if a model does not own any devices at all, the interview will end with a general discussion of smartphones, etc.)

KANAKO is a well-known owner of an iPhone, as evidenced by past media appearances.

In the topics that SHIORI revealed, KANAKO manages a unique app screen. 

She has separate pages for each type of color scheme of app icons.

This time, we are going to hear more about this? We look forward to hearing more information.

The cover image is not yet displayed at this time, but should be posted at the following link at a later date.