Legendary comedian who was close to MCZ passed away suddenly.

KOJI NAKAMOTO, a member of the legendary comedy group and musician The Drifters, who had performed with MCZ many times over the years, passed away yesterday at the age of 81.

KOJI NAKAMOTO was reportedly in critical condition after being hit by a car on October 18 on a street near his home in Yokohama.

The Drifters were a five-member group (one of the members was changed at one time), but now, only two members are still alive.

MCZ and The Drifters have been performing together for a long time, and most recently, they had a regular monthly joint show on the Nico Nico Channel (Internet streaming program) called "Morifu no Jikan" (Time of Morifu).

Their next broadcast was scheduled for this Sunday, but no response has yet been announced.

MCZ stated that The Drifters, as well as Arashi, were the goal of the team's form, and they had respect for them.

MCZ has released the following condolences on their official website.

We are very sad to have to say goodbye so suddenly.
We met Koji Nakamoto every month at the program and he always wrapped the place with his kind smile and voice.
We are truly grateful that we were able to work with him and learn a lot from his close proximity.
Please continue to watch over us warmly with your kind smile.
Thank you very much.
May you rest in peace.


The Drifters are known to have performed at the front of the Nippon Budokan concert when the Beatles visited Japan for the first time in 1966.

Fifty-five years later, on November 18 last year, they performed with Momoclo at the "Drifeters & Momoclo Live Fest" for the second time in 55 years.

A digest of the event is available here.

KOJI is standing to the left of the three members of The Drifters. His trademark has always been his black-rimmed glasses.


(Added on 10/21)
It was announced that Sunday's "Morifu no Jikan" will be cancelled.