SHIORI and AYAKA also nominated for "the 100 most beautiful faces"

As reported last week in the article below, MCZ's KANAKO was nominated for "The 100 Most Beautiful Faces" organized by TC Candler.

It is now known that MCZ's SHIORI and AYAKA are among the additional nominees added to the original nominations.

(Official website is below)

The girls had a good time teasing KANAKO when he was nominated, but it seems that she has been nominated herself.

As a mononofu, I am concerned about the fact that one person is missing, but at any rate, we wish the members the best of luck.


Anonymous said…
Oh, don't worry; she'll make the list.
When only KANAKO was nominated, she was teased by the members, so this time, on the contrary, we think RENI will be involved in some fun talk.
We will let you know if there is any further topics.