SHIORI posted rehearsal photos on Instagram.

SHIORI updated her Instagram and posted an off-shot from a rehearsal for a TV show.

It was during a rehearsal for "Shio-koji Odaiba Folk Mura NEXT," which will be broadcast live on October 20 on Fuji TV NEXT, a CS broadcasting station.

It has been announced that tomorrow's program will be broadcast with just Shiori and Konosuke Sakazaki (THE ALFEE), the village chief, without the usual band formation.

According to a tweet from producer Kikuchi-P, SHIORI will play the most number of songs in the history of this program (i.e., the most number of songs in SHIORI's life).

According to SHIORI's comment, the guitar in the picture is a Gibson that Konosuke  received from George Tokoro (with a handle that Tokoro-san made himself).

And SHIORI's clothes seem to be rehearsal wear.