Spring Rehearsal Scenes Released.

On MCZ's recently opened official social media accounts, rehearsal scenes from this spring's "Haruno Ichi daiji" at J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture have been posted.

On TikTok, a rehearsal of "Katte ni Kimi ni" was posted on a trolley, and on Instagram, a photo captured that Reni's rehearsal outfit was the same color as the trolley, respectively.

This kind of stage preparation has not been posted very often so far, but we look forward to the new official account's service in the future. 

@mcz517_official ライブリハーサルの様子を少しだけ公開??? #ももクロ#momoclo#春の一大事 ? Katte ni Kimi ni -ZZ ver.- - Momoiro Clover Z